Deleting a ssid profile creating a repeater [Closed]

Hello, Hi I have 2 issues

1st issue I just bought a new router TL-WR941ND V5 and I have created a profile (SSID NAME: TL-WR941ND) and after a couple of days for some reason I have created another one (SSID NME: TP-LINK). My issue is I cannot remove / delete my old profile TL-WR941ND even after reseting the router or going in Win 7 in (manage my wireless connection). When I connect to this profile I see it in (manage my wireless connection) I delete it but it's comming back on the list in internet access.

What should I do?

2nd issue When I connect to my good profile TP-LINK and what to enable WDS so I can use my old router (the same TL-WR941ND) as a WIFI repeater, I check box the enable and click on the survey button I can see a few wireless connections in the AP list but I don't see my good profile but I see my old profile TL-WR941ND which is suppose to be deleted after resetting my router and go to Win 7 in (manage my wireless connection).

What should i do?

very annoying and frustrating.