How to get rid of fake HP Recovery Manager

Hello, I recently got a virus I think and it made my laptop slow down greatly. I got three blue screens whenever I used it for too long and it got overheated fast so I realize there was a virus somewhere. I used Windows Defenders to do a full scan, after 11 hours it found three infected programs, and when I got rid of it it asked to restart, I did. And now no matter what I try, this "HP Recovery Manager" keeps appearing. I cannot boot up my laptop AT ALL, I can only work with the options I get when pressing one of the F keys.
I believe this is a fake HP Recovery Managers because when I did the System Restore and Factory Reset options it gave me, the loop was still there, even when it "successfully completed" the HP Recov Manager was still there. If I close the window it restarts and takes me back, if I go on safe mode, it takes me back, if I changed/disabled settings on the BIOS menu it takes me back. If I default all settings it takes me back, my Command Prompt does c not have enough bytes to try a solution I found on the internet. I've looked at many forums, and everyone keeps saying download this and that but I can't even log in my password, HP recovery Manager automatically boots up upon a shutdown/restart.

On Thursday, I plan to go to the Geek Squad, but I would LOVE to avoid that. So, can anyone help? Please, I really need my laptop as soon as possible.