Macro needed to find A and look at B

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Hi this is my first ever post!

I am setting up a userform in VBA that allows data capture.
This form currently copies the information entered to a spreadsheet and places it in the first available row.

When first playing with this I discovered that if the first entry on the userform was left blank then the action would copy the new data and paste it over the existing entry. (I solved this my having a default value in the first TextBox).

This makes be believe that the code is most likely determining the "first empty row" by only looking at column A.

What I would like to do is have the userform display the unique ID for the data that is being populated.
My Idea is to have a cell, Stored inside the spreadsheet which holds the data ranges for my ComboBoxs, which finds the first empty row, by looking at ColA and then displays the Value in ColJ of that same row. The userform will then simple display that one cell.

Column J in my datacapture spreadsheet as already been populated with a ID REF.
As each new entry is added the database the code would search and find the row below the previous entry and the unique ID will be updated.

In summery I would like to:

Find next empty row by looking at 'Column A' and display that row's cell Value of 'Column J' in a cell on a different Sheet.

As I said this is my first ever post so you may have guessed I am very new to this.
Sorry if it turns out to be a very simple solution.

Much appreciated,