Macro to cut & paste a row on same excel sheet

Thakshila - Jul 21, 2015 at 10:20 AM
Hi, I have a list of values. You can consider them as text. These values are listed in a different sheet (in one column) on same particular Excel file.

I want to copy each cell from top to bottom for that value list to a different sheet. The requirement is to paste them to every recurring row on another sheet. Please note that these have to pasted on one column and mid of the recuuring rows there are some data which should not be replaced.

Value List

Final sheet
Row 1: Name
Row 2: Address
Row 3:
Row 4: Name
Row 5: Address
Row 6:

If you consider above example, it should copy 'AAA' from value list and paste to row 3 and copy 'BBB' and paste to Row 6. No other data should be affected.

Please help with this.