My computer wont read my 2.5" HD from a notebook

Herbert - Jul 21, 2015 at 10:55 PM

I have a 2.5" HD with Windows installed inside and some files from my old notebook, and I want to take my things out to my new PC... and I'm trying to connect it via SATA directly to it... but it keeps making strange noises and I'm too scared to let the pc start to see if it will appear in my computer because it asked to format my other HDD that was also with windows and some not important files in it, and I also accessed the BIOS and it shows nothing on the port that I connected the 2.5" HD, and in the past I have used a external case to connect a HD to another computer, but I can't remember if when I connected it to my pc it asked to format it so I could use it... and the question is... how can I access the files from my 2.5'' HD without having to connect it to my old pc? external case will do it? another way to connect the HD directly to the motherboard?

Thanks in advance.