VAIO keyboard extreme delay

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Sunday July 26, 2015
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July 26, 2015
We have a 3 year old Sony VAIO laptop running windows 8.1 with a touchscreen, mouse pad and keyboard. Suddenly keyboard keystrokes become delayed by a second or more. IF you hold a key for a second or more, the stroke will show on the screen. If you simply touch a key, nothing need to hold the key down before it shows on the screen. On the other hand, The touchscreen keypad works without delay as does the mouse pad. What the hell is this??

To add to the confusion,
My wife must enter a password to access the computer. The password enters immediately from the keypad, keystrokes work as they should. Only after she gets to her desktop does the funny stuff start. I haven tried every option, reset the bios etc but the problem persists.

Sony help is useless.