Auto populate child sheet rows from Master Sheet Column ref

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Wednesday July 29, 2015
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July 29, 2015
Software Version: Microsoft Office Excel 2010
I have a Master sheet with all entered data for a Charitable Institution Exhibition.
There are child sheets for each category from the master sheet (59 in total)
The child sheets are simple reflections of all data from the Master that match the given category arranged for Printing purposes
I have (with good accuracy) used Index/Matching with arrays for each ChildSheet cell, but the sheer volume slows the Workbook to a crawl

cell formula {=IFERROR(INDEX(ZCAT, SMALL(IF($A$3=IDENTA,ROW(IDENTA)-ROW(IDENTSTART)+1), ROW(3:3))),"")} --- where ZCAT is replaced by row-range names from the Master and $A$3 is the identifying filter, unique to each Child Sheet.

Is there a way to Auto-populate the child sheets using VBA that is less CPU intensive?