Inserting Number of Rows based on Cell Value


I have two sheets that I am working with. Sheet two only has one column of information, each row containing a different numerical value. What I need to do is take the numerical value from each cell in sheet 2, switch to sheet 1 and move down that many lines + 1 and insert a row.

A little more info for clarity: Sheet 1 has groups of items (dog food, cat food, bird food, etc), but there is no space between the groups. The single column on sheet 2 has the information on how many items are in each group. As of now, I am having to go back and forth, reading how many items are in each group and then going to sheet 1 and manually putting a space below the last item in that group. I know this wouldn't be the most difficult macro in the world to program, but I am pretty new to VBA, and would appreciate any help you can give me!