Facial recognition system

dorcas - Aug 9, 2015 at 05:19 AM
i have a problem saving image into file path this is my code
am using EMGU CV library
private void ProcessFrame(object sender, EventArgs arg)
Image<Bgr,Byte>TestImage = capture.QueryFrame();

//show the image in the EmguCV ImageBox
CamImageBox.Image = TestImage;
//pictureBox1.Image = TestImage.Bitm
if (saveToFile)
CamImageBox.Image.Save(@"C:\Users\Temmy\Documents\it report\CameraCaptureFaceRec (2)\CameraCaptureFaceRec\CameraCapture\TestImage.bmp");
saveToFile = !saveToFile;

/// <summary>
/// Connects to the selected camera attached to the