External Hardrive Unreadable? (FIXED)

Schmidty - Aug 10, 2015 at 03:39 PM
Hey guys,

So two days ago in order to fix a memory leak issue I had with my Lenovo Y 500 Idea Pad, I had installed a 250GB SSD into the laptop, and removed the Hard Drive to make it an external. It worked fantastically. It booted up ten times faster, more reactive, and no more memory leak.

However this morning I ran into a rather large issue. My External Hard Drive cannot be read. I plug it into the USB, and my Laptop registers that it's there, but I can't access it's contents. If I try to go into my recent files used and click on a file used by my external, it just says "cannot open (file directory)"

Help will be greatly appreciated!

[EDIT] Turns out the Hard Drive was just loose. The External model I got was loose, so I just put some cardboard in it and it fixed the problem.