My pc shuts down when i connect my phone

The Philospher - Aug 10, 2015 at 04:36 PM
I have a problem. Whenever i connect my phone via USB cable to my PC, my pc shuts down! And it wont start up! I have to shut down my power supply for my PC and wait few minutes before being able to start it up again! I tried to plug in my USB cable first, before starting up my PC, but it shuts down in 3 seconds!!! Its so annoying, I cant transfer my stuff from my phone to PC and from the PC to the phone! Also, my brother and parents have no such problems, they do it just fine. Im starting to think its about my phone, I have LG Optimus L7, but it worked just fine for 1.5 years... Also i know that the contacts are busted, and when i put my USB in the front of my pc (near the power button) it shuts down. Thats why we starteng plugging them in the back of the PC, and it worked just fine untill last week... does anyone have a solution?