Copy & paste Data and increment to next cell having data

Sushil Rajanala - Aug 21, 2015 at 01:10 AM

I am new to Excel Macros. I situation is I have a sheet with 40000 rows range (A1: J40000). In the Column A & B the data is available in every 6th Row. For example A1& B1 has data then A7& B7 has data then A13& B13 has data. I need to fill the blank cells in these column A & B . For example Data of A1 to be copied to A2 to A6 similarly data of B1 to be copied to B2 to B6 then next Copy data from A7 and fill it in A8 to A12. This should repeat till the end.

Can you please help me create a macro for this activity. I tried recording a macro but its always performing in the same set of cells where I recorded the macro.