Connect the dongle to my pc the data transfer starts automatical

JAMES - Aug 21, 2015 at 04:14 AM

That My Music folder is not one which usually locates in my documents folder of windows is something different in another drive.

anyway leave that I also wrote about my internet issue..again I am writing the same..please send me some useful technique to resolve that issue.....................

I've a big issue with my internet connection, once I connect the dongle to my pc the data transfer starts automatically without even opening web browser, means data wastage without any use....also I've observe my %temp% folder has many large sized files says total size > 100 Mb which I notice whenever I opened that %temp% folder, which I think, was not happening before when my net was running smooth.
Also, internet speed is very slow, might be because of that automatic data deduction/transfer, I think so..And I've done all basic R & turning off all the automatic updates, windows updates, antivirus updates or any other software updates and all. Also tried terminating the processes by task manager to check that might be any particular unwanted process is consuming internet data or slowing down my net..1 more thing I notice for every tab of chrome opened there are 2 processes showing in the task manager's processes tab........ but none of use..the problem with my Internet still persist..Also I tried different sim card means with different operators like airtel, vodafone, bsnl but no solutions...still a big nightmare for me..I mean to say I've tried almost all the basic stuff for fixing it..but still on zero results..