Psn error 80710092

Rudraaksh - Aug 23, 2015 at 09:27 AM

i am just having psn error 80710092 only while connecting to psn with my asus router and ps3 internet browser works fine and can browse internet and use internet on my ps3 but cant use or sogn in psn only and also can download games new patches and updates but cant sihn in to psn and if i use mobile internet data 3g on wifi hotspot everything is fine,even psn.
all my laptops smartphones are having no issues connecting to wifi and even ps3 has no issues connecting to wifi via router its just psn dat does not work with router.i have tried disabling media server in network settings and also tried clearing cookies,cache and history in internet browser tools as suggested by some of people and also tried using 195.x.39.40 and 195.x.39.39 dns but still doesnt solve my problem.Please help me out i have tried restarting my ps3 many times and also restared router also many times but nothing helps.Psn and everything works fine on mobile 3g internet wifi hotspot.i have limited 3g data but have unlimited wifi data on my asus router so what to do.