Next Empty Cell

Michaela - Aug 26, 2015 at 09:41 AM

I work at a fitness center. We have an equipment checkout system that we use Excel for. In my "Lockers" sheet, locker keys get checked out and checked back in. Right now, if a locker key does not get returned, I use this formula to pull the key they checked out into another sheet called "Unreturned"... I have three other formulas in adjacent cells that look exactly like the one below, but they pull the patron's first name, last name, and ID number.


The only problem is, on my "Unreturned" sheet, it pulls the information into the parallel cell. For example, if the locker key in row 4 is unreturned, it pulls to row 4 on the "Unreturned" sheet. If the locker key in row 298 is unreturned, it pulls to row 298 on the "Unreturned" sheet, which means I have to scroll through the entire spreadsheet to find all of the unreturned equipment.

How do I make the "Unreturned" sheet pull the information from the "Lockers" sheet into the next available cell?