Display won't come on everything inside is getting hot

Nick - Aug 27, 2015 at 09:04 PM

My computer has been acting up lately. It started a couple of weeks ago where it kept turning off randomly but I thought nothing of it. So I figured maybe something was getting too hot and touched my motherboard heatsink and it was super super hot but still just directed a fan it's way and thought whatever. Then it started turning off and not coming back on until a couple of a minutes of being off. So I bought a new psu and that didn't fix anything. Then I reapplied new paste to the cpu to see if that was overheating but still that wasn't the issue. I would turn on my comp, go into my bios to watch temps and everything would be okay until it randomly shut off 5 minutes later. Now I order a motherboard and I started messing with my computer thinking maybe I could fix it and now when I have everything plugged in my display won't come on now and everything inside is getting super hot! Graphics and everything.