Sims 2 custom content on windows 10

Zack - Aug 30, 2015 at 03:40 PM

I just downloaded The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection onto my laptop that I just updated to windows 10 and the game works just fine. But I've installed it twice and the EA Games folder that normally appears in my Documents has not been installed. This is where I normally save Custom Content and without it I don't know where to save Custom Content I tried saving it into Program Files(x86)>Origin Games>Sims 2 Ultimate Collection>Double Deluxe>Base>TSData>Base>Res>UserData as that appeared to be the same as the folder that normally appears in Documents but it still won't work. I have no idea where to save it and I can't find the regular folder I save it to anywhere does anyone know. I'm just experiencing problem after problem with windows 10 and I really regret updating. Oh, and custom content is enabled