My laptop wouldn't display showing black

Toni - Aug 31, 2015 at 08:17 PM
I use a hp envy ultrabook 4-1015dx and I recently installed Windows 10 on it...few days ago I was watching an anime on it I paused it, dosed off all through the night it was on so you know I woke to still find the movie paused so I closed the lid which i assume automatically went into hibernation so walked away to go take a leak and when I was back I decided to continue with the anime but it's came up all keyboard were working same with the lights and fan too and the screen was still dark the backlight reflection was showing but still no display of anything..In other to cut a long story short I found out about this hard reset method which I already did but it's not working...I took out the hard drive, disconnect the battery also unplugged it from the wall, held the power button for 60secs but still didn't work...after all other method I applied on it still would not display, just totally blank..please I really do need help in making this laptop work.