How to get data from another sheet in many rows?

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Wednesday September 2, 2015
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September 2, 2015
Im helping my dad out with some office software of his. so im basically trying to make it in excel. There's a monthly sheet and a daily sheet. in the monthly sheet only the dates are mentioned with the opening stock. comsumption. total etc. but when i click on suppose 1st jaunary, it will take me to another sheet where for 1st january there are different types of products, and i want to link the total of that day to the consumption and total and etc. i have to do this for all the days in a month and then for all the months too. Also, im linking the date with the daily details through with the help of a hyperlink, i have to do that for each, so if you can help me to make a macro for that too? its really urgent!
thanks a lot:)

here are the screenshots to understand it better!