UCopy the data from Sheet1 to one Master file in to Diff sheets.

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My first question !

Ok. I am trying to find a macro which can help me in coping the entire Sheet1 from one work book and copy it to another sheet of work book .

So my conditions/available data are as follows

1)I have 32 Work books which consists of data from 32 Countries each.
2)The first sheet of work book from 32 excel files is what i should copy to a new workbook to one after another sheets which i cal here as "master work book" to make a report for country wise for circulation .
3) Data should be copied to next available sheet of " Master Work book". I mean each country data should be in separate sheet .
4) Each sheet should get renamed as the Name of the Work book it copied .
5) I should be able to select the Folder where the entire data is saved as each month the folder gets changed .

Hope the details are sufficient .

Can some one help me out ?