Compare two price guide.

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So i am looking for an ongoing updated answer. Every 3 months we receive a new price list from our suppliers. Column A is an item number that stays true over every update, but the list price Column D for each row may or may not change from tri month to month. I there a way to setup a master workbook, so it will read the data for each Item number across sheet 1 & 2 and tell me if it has changed. There are roughly 1100 products listed every 3 months, and a simple way of seeing if data in column D matches column A over the 2 sheets would make this process of finding changes and not having to search every product every 3 months a lot easier.
I'll include an example below.

Sheet 1- VALID010415_030315
Item Number| Description | List Price |
#30 | Product | 0.50|
Sheet 2- VALID010915_030915
Item Number | Description | List Price |
#30 | Product | 0.55|

Col A is Item Number
Col B is description
Col D is list price.

I only need to know if the Col D has changed since previous sheet, but if new products are added or some removed, if would be helpful to have something alerting me of these occurrences.

Example If
Sheet 1- VALID010415_030315
A4| Item Number| Description| List Price|
A35| #30 | Product | 0.50|

But on Sheet 2
Sheet 2- VALID010915_030915
A4| Item Number | Description | List Price |
A49 | #30 | Product | 0.55|
Because some products have changed by way of addition or subtraction I kinda need to know so i dont take the cells of Col D and their values and adjust all prices incorrectly.

Is this making sense to anyone. I'm struggling to Explain?