How to create s3db Database ?

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I want to implement full text search in iPhone app and the scenario here is that, I have HTML content in resource folder with a reference available in SQLite DB. I also want to give search facility, so I want to go with FTS.

Here I am facing database installation problem in iphone:

There are two ways to install database:
1. Before copying database into iPhone install location, set up FTS table & data. If I want to do like above way then I should create SQLite compiled database but here I am facing problem to create compile database.

2. First install normal database set, then programmatically create FTS database & insert records into db. It's ok. Initial time/ first install time take more time.

I tried many times but problem is not getting resolved. This is quality iphone developer forum community to get correct solution. Could anyone please help me How to Create S3db Format database?

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