Macro to create a new set of rows/columns

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Hi everyone. I am trying to figure out a macro to create a new set of rows/columns ive created with formulas and such. The way i want it:

1-I have a set of rows and columns all with formulas, linked, with conditional formatting, etc
2-at the top right of the sheet i need a botton saying New and able to insert said group of rows/columns as is
3- I want different botton on the far left enabled so a new sheet is created with the same formats, rows and columns as the original (before including new set of rows as #2)
4-i want a specific cell to generate a new document depending on the content of said cell by choosing the options on a deop down list

I also i want (and this is me thinking on further options from the above): a cell where i have marked as reference to modify the rows from #2 so it follows the option on the drop down list i created. For ex: if i have a list of fruits on cell m10 and apples means 3 rows, oranges means 2 rows and tomatoes 10 rows each time one of them is selected combined with the botton of #2 then it adds depending on it.

I know its a long shot but worth a shot asking