Keyboard random typing problem

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Friday September 25, 2015
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September 25, 2015
Hi all. Recently bought an illuminated keyboard and now it seems to make some problems which are: Since there are 3 colors, red, blue and purple, red is the default one, all good, blue is the 2nd, and here the problem starts, i press the illumination button to change it to blue, then i press button S and it randomly types this "asd1fJ|K:L", and numlock turns off ocasionally and scroll lock turns on, the buttons with the problems are W, S, X and 2, and it seems i can't make an in-game combination of W+Q and W+i, ok, now the purple color, all good, and when the illumination is turned off, same problem as on the blue color, seems only red and purple is doing good.
How can i fix this? Do i really need a new keyboard (it's not even at least 3 days old) or is there any way to fix this? And to mention, it's a PC, not a laptop.