All in one Acer Aspire 5600u turns on to blank screen. (No Boot)

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Sunday September 27, 2015
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September 27, 2015
I'm having a very annoying issue with my computer & am just getting very annoyed, I don't know what to do anymore.

About 2 months ago I was playing PS3 on my computer. I was using one of the HDMI ports & switching back & forth from the HDMI to Computer screen. Maybe after about an hour when i went from the PS3 screen back to Computer screen it was showing a bluescreen. It said it had to gather information & would restart by itself. It got to 100% & just stayed their for about an hour, so I decided to power it off & restart. As doing so I came upon this error. Where my computer just powers on & the screen powers on but no boot, no logo, no cursor nothing.

Here are the things I've done & tested to try & fix it.
I have tested the motherboard by powering off the computer taking out my ram & powering on to see if it has a continuous beep which it did.
I have replaced both ram sticks with working ones & nothing changed. I have changed the hard drive to see if it was the hard drive & nothing happened.

Now these are just some other things i did to test to make sure. I have this computer & a laptop, I took the hard drive from my laptop & placed it into the computer which is having the issue, nothing changed. I took the hard drive from the damaged computer to my laptop & it turned on & gave me an error saying it doesn't have a bootable device.

Now this is where I've at least made some progress from doing it.
I have reset the CMOS & powered on, now I've done this a few times to see what would happen, & it gave me 2 options. F1 to continue or Del to enter BIOS setup.
Now when I click F1 to continue the computer boots up to the acer logo, & then it gives me a blue screen error saying "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME". & then the computer by itself restarts & enters the boot logo again & say's "Diagnosing the issue" then it loads for a few minutes & the screen goes blank & then the boot logo comes back up again & say's "fixing the issue. It may take up to an hour to finish." I got that screen at 3am last. About 20 minutes into the "fixing procedure" the screen went blank, just turned off, but the computer was still on. I figured it was doing the fixing, i stayed up 3 hours to see if it would fix it. Nothing happened. So i just turned it off, went to sleep woke up & am now here.

Also, my computer is originally Windows 8, but I took the free Windows 10 upgrade, & after upgrading I was running into a few blue screens occasionally. No idea why.

If anything more is needed I'm here & will update this post if I run across any new answers or ideas.