ASUS X551CA not booting properly

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Sunday October 4, 2015
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October 4, 2015
- Oct 4, 2015 at 01:33 PM
I was on my laptop earlier today, and it was perfectly fine. Then I closed it to where it was in sleep mode, and came back an hour later to find it turned off. I turned it back on, and nothing would display. The screen was on, but it was black. The fans and lights were all working properly, but nothing happens other than the black screen. There's no clicks or sounds to indicate hard drive failure. Also, it is running Win 10. Any help?

As a follow up:
I did get it to get past the ASUS logo screen. Then, it sits on a black screen with only the cursor on it for about 3 minutes. I can move the cursor. After that, it took me to the login screen, where after I put in my password, it freezes.