Populate Data from 1 Sheet to Multiple Sheet in Master Workbook

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Source workbook is where the data is maintained and from where the macro will be run.

Master workbook has 40 sheets and I want the macro to paste data from Source workbook to Master workbook sheet wise.
(Both workbook will be stored in different folders)

Below is what the Macro should do -

1) When the macro is run it should prompt for Sheet Number

2) After the Sheet Number is entered it should check if data already exists in the respective sheet in Master workbook, Range is A2:Q2000. If data exists macro should prompt - Data exists enter new sheet

3) If no data exists then macro should copy data from range A2:Q2000 of Source workbook and paste it to respective sheet of Master workbook the range will be A2:Q2000

4) Since Source workbook contains Data and Formula, macro should paste the data as it is (No paste special and formatting)

Note :

1) Option should be provided within the macro to change the path

2) After the data is pasted macro should open the Master WB (Option should be provided to Add or Delete this part of the code)