Laptop Black screen

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I've been trawling through the forum to find an answer to my problem but need a more specific answer.
My (hp) laptop (barely owned it from new for 1.6 years- disgusted) powers up but the screen stays black. I have tried the hard reset (it worked the first time), tried bios start up (didn't work) and reinserted memory board on back (didn't work)
I left it for a day and it came on but then stayed off when turned off and doesn't want to come on after repeating all steps again. It then suddenly came on after 3 days and whilst doing a reset as the laptop was fixing itself on startup it went out after reaching 50%. The fans are on.
I took the screen out and tried it on another laptop which has a broken screen (doesn't fit into it) and it came on so its not a screen or as far as I can tell the inverter.
I can't afford to get it fixed so am diy - ing.
Don't know anything about computers but learning as I go.
Laptop is hp