Screen resolution changing/messing up

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So for about a week now, my screen resolution is messed up. Here are the things that tend to happen now:
1. When i try to use full screen on steam or open chat, it just glitches out.
2. My desktop wallpaper tends to just change in to black wallpaper.
3. If I go play a game on full screen my computer will change resolution if I tab out or close the game. (doesn't happen on border less or windowed mode)
4. When I try to change my resolution I usually end up having to go back and forth of the correct screen resolution because it doesn't change properly until it finally works.
5. On some games they just glitch out and go to a side of the screen.
6. Sometimes when I turn on my computer from sleep mode it will change resolution.
8. When I need to authorize a program launch or run something the resolution will change.
9. Some other things that probably happen that I don't remember right now.
(It always changes to 1024x768, my normal rez is 1920x1080
I tried updating my drivers but it says they are up to date so I really don't know what could be the problem. My monitor seems to be working well, I got it about half a year ago.
Here's a link to screen shots of the errors and my computer specs -