Cant access google or related sites

pikachuking025 - Oct 27, 2015 at 12:14 PM
Hello, i tried a lot of stuff and for some reason i still cant access google or related to google sites or any virus killer i had to download them from other computers i tried checking my dns, host files, clearing cache, ISP ,, reformatting the hard drive and doing a lot more i looked on all forums and webpages that involve this problem all i know is that it involves a Trojan virus from the clues i got i also tried to delete a crap load of stuff from system 32 like another forum said but it only messed up my sound drive had to reformat this morning to get sound back also i noticed something last night when i tried to delete a bunch of files they came back to system 32 even though i deleted them im very confused i don't have have very much money cause i live in a group an my computer is windows windows xp emachine home edition for me to get any info for u guys would be hard as seeing that my computer is at home and im using a work computer so i would need to come back the next day with any info required i will be my pc here at my day program tomorrow so if there's any one here right now to give me ideas it would help lastly its internet explorer 7 cant download any other browsers and i want google chrome