Can use Gmail but cannot use the internet

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Hi everybody, this is my first post so I am not sure if I am in the right place so please set me straight if I have messed up.
My problem is that I can get into gmail but I can't use the internet.
If I go to google chrome and put in a webpage, nothing happens, even if I wait for hours. However, if I go into gmail and then put my required webpage in at the top bar, then I can get into the internet and browse with no problem. Also I have just discovered quite accidently that is I open google chrome and put in a webpage, nothing happens but if I click on the back arrow button then a black bar comes up just below the top of the page and then I can get into the internet. I tried changing the deselect auto detect settings which was posted here in 2013 but it made no difference. If anybody can help me with this I would be very obliged.
Thank you.
Regards Patrick