Problems with router belkin n750 db, its says "not connected"

Ncpl811 - Nov 3, 2015 at 02:04 AM
Hello, i have a router Belkin n750 db, and for some reason that i dont know, it says , NOt conected in the configuration page, but the router still sending Wifi and lan connection, it has a light on the front face that it goes bright and steady blue when all its ok, but the light its orange like if there is some problem with the connection, the wear thing is that the router send wifi and lan internet without a problem to conecting, its the router diyng? Or its a configuration problem? I haven't done any modificatiion to the config, and i just plug another router n750 to the first, and config the second as an acces point, thats all, i hope some one can help me with it!