Keyboard typing "1" key continously wherever there is text enter [Closed]

I have a Samsung laptop. Few days ago, few of my laptop keys stopped working, so i just bought in a USB keyboard and it was working all fine. Now 2 days ago, a weird prblm started.

My keyboard starts typing "1" key continously wherever there is text entering field. If i press the "1" key n number of times, it stops spamming that, but then the cntrl key gets activated. Like everything would function as cntrl + that key is pressed. Now, when I press the cntrl button 4-5 times the cntrl + prblm would be solved, but then again the "1" key spam would start. I tried uninstalling the laptop keyboard, but then it asks me to restart the laptop to uninstall the laptop keyboard and when i do it, it reinstalls the laptop keyboard. Am so frustrated right now. Is taking my laptop to a hardware expert the only option?

Thanks in advance.

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