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Thursday November 5, 2015
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November 5, 2015
i am experiencing something weird with my PC. I upgraded to Windows 10 this summer; not sure if the problem is Windows related though as it was working fine until this week. The problem is that my applications don't show on screen anymore nor do my desktop icons. The desktop wallpaper is there, my taskbar and the pinned icons are visible, but the running applications don't show. If I hover the mouse over the icon on the taskbar, the small preview popup shows the application but that's it. Now the weird part is that when I use Logmein to remotely access my PC, the display i get is normal. So I can sit in front of my PC and control it through my tablet, but still nothing shows on the PC's monitor. I updated the nVidia driver, ran the virus scan, restarted a bunch of times... issue remains the same. Any ideas? Anyone...?