Dell Inspiron N5110 - Screen goes black but pointer on screen

Registration date
Saturday November 7, 2015
Last seen
November 8, 2015
Using Windows 7: When I turn on the laptop it takes a while to boot up fine but sometimes just get a black screen with a cursor point (not flashing) but can be moved then it might come up normally after a long time.

I checked the [F2] boot up sequence it was set to 'diskette Drive' I changed to hard drive but made no difference. Have checked the system using F12 but nothing found. Passed tests.

I loaded WIN10 and and found I had to restart after each boot up and then it appears to work okay until I try to do something such as access the internet then I go back to the black screen with the pointer on the screen. It is consistently inconsistent.

Windows 10 (win10) sign in screen goes black if I try to sign so instead I select restart and I get my screen back (sometimes) so until I sort it out I will go back to WIN7 and fix it there first.

Finally I have just tried to go back to win 7 and it won't........!!! appears WIN10 PRO install did not install correctly. I cannot even boot up in safe mode.

I know this sounds all mixed up but that is what is happening.