Formula does not stay the same!

Auto Transfer of Data - Nov 13, 2015 at 05:51 PM

I am using Excel to keep records of different Projects. I have One general Worksheet and a good 20 Worksheets that follow for each individual project. The information is each Project Work Sheet is a header with project info and a body in which I enter a new line at the top with any update.

For Example:
11/13/15 Spoke to permit division/ permit pending. OPEN
11/12/15 Fire Marshal accepted revisions and approved plans. CLOSED

And so forth for each project. Now these lists in every Project Worksheet become very long depending on the project. My goal is to have the first 20 Lines of each Project Worksheet automatically transferred to the GENERAL Worksheet so that when on my weekly conference call with the Owner, I can print/relay the updates with ease without having to go into every Project Worksheet and print out or do a cut and paste.

What I've Tried:
On the General Worksheet I have entered the cells I want transferred and that works great, until I enter a new line on a Project Worksheet because the new line, Though on the General Worksheet formula was entered, it automatically converts the formula to the next line. So if formula said A5='HENRIETTA, NY'!A13, Once I add the new line in the project worksheet, A5 will change to ='HENRIETTA, NY'!A14 when I need it to stay at A13.

Any ideas?