Select Cells from Column A which are hyperlinked to Sheet Tabs

Ben - Nov 16, 2015 at 02:56 PM
I would like to do the following, and would appreciate your greatest efforts to perform a macro on excel. Please help me any excel gurus out here?

Thanks in advance! I have been struggling to get something going for last month or so, being a novice in macro - its painstaking long to come up with a programme or anything similar.

1.Select Cells from Column A in "Index" Sheet which are already hyperlinked to Tab Sheets in the current workbook. i.e. The "Index" sheet maintains the index of sheet tabs in the existing worksheet.
2.If the sheets in Column A of "Index" Sheet can be selected then, the selected sheets needs to be copied and saved as a separate workbook. i.e. from the selection of sheets a copy will be created and these newly selected sheets will be saved in a destination -with the destination link back to the Index Sheet.
3.The destination of workbook when saved then needs to be inserted in the last line of Column A of "Index" Sheet.