Students Package Payment control

Mau Mau - Nov 17, 2015 at 03:44 AM
Hello, I have the following columns

then on SHEET 2(Students Sign Up control)
I have a Sign up sheet
I enter the student information like name contact number etc,
I have a column J(Package) in which I set up a Validarion list with the values on
"Column A(Package)" from Sheet 1 so any time a new student sign up I can chose from the drop down list which package has he/she has paid I want column K(price) to show the right price based upon the package that has been input on column
J (Package) at any moment.

I've tried the formula

but when I drag down the formula to the other cells in column K then
the values on the formula start adding up and then the formula stops being valid
cause it also changes the range of the selected array 'INCOME CALCULATOR'!J27:K35


Thank you very much in advance any help is highly appreciated

Kind regards;