Monitor got no signal/black screen

beja - Nov 20, 2015 at 09:53 AM
hey, i got a problem a couple of days ago when i got windows 8.1
when i put my pc to sleepmode and try to activate it again it got no signal. the pc starts everything runs as normal except the monitor.

tried almost everything, cable is in tested the monitor on another pc still working, did the hold the button for 30 sec thing, worked the first time but not anymore. tried resetting the bios nothing happens , ( i cant access the bios btw, cant see anything at all when i start the pc. )

any tips ? trying all day to get it to work an could really need some help.. and i know the pc works because it happens every time i put it in sleep mode but now the method where you hold the button for 30 sec dont work anymore.