Sheet List Window

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I would like to request that If user want to go to specific sheet it has to either press shortcut key or click arrows button in the left bottom corner of sheet many times.

In short the below code will be set in list box by using userform and it will display by assigning any button on sheet and it also work if any sheet is selected then it goes to selected sheet.

Sub sheet_list()

Dim book As Workbook, sheet As Worksheet, sheet_list As String

For Each book In Workbooks
sheet_list = sheet_list & "Workbook: " & book.Name & vbNewLine & "Worksheets: " & vbNewLine
For Each sheet In book.Worksheets
sheet_list = sheet_list & sheet.Name & vbNewLine
Next sheet

sheet_list = sheet_list & vbNewLine

Next book

MsgBox sheet_list

End Sub