Touchpad - left click, mind of its own, does whatever it wants


This is my third toshiba laptop and my last. The mouse pad is so horrible, I spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong with. When you put 5500 features in a mouse pad, it becomes impoosibe to use. I would fix my spelling errors but currently the touchpad has decided that left click is not an option at this moment. Really if i hadn't wasted all my money on this laptop, i would smash it and buy literally any other brand of laptop, because I believe that it can not get any worst that this. Completely dissatisfied customer. Sometimes it just allows for zooming in and zooming out. When this happens you have to do a hard restart and lose all the work you were working on. I would say it's really innovative, because most companies try to make a product that makes the use of computers easier, but toshiba goes above and beyond by providing a product that makes the computer harder to use. Can't wait until toshiba is just a distant memory.