Diagram generator with logical handling

javert - Nov 27, 2015 at 10:49 AM

I'm looking for options to make flowcharts and related graphics. Rather than being interested in many customization options or visual effects. I'm looking for a software with capability to know and understand the underlying structure or "backbone" of the diagram so I can limit myself to add nodes and connectors in the underlying structure while the program does most of the annealing and coloring. For example, on a mindmap, the program should know a priori which is the center idea (the root node) and the ideas that emerge from there (the child nodes) so it could automatically assign colors and positions to them instead of being me the one that does all of that.

TL:DR. I want to spend more time on the keyboard and less time with the mouse. Basically, a program that handles diagrams in general like you can handle trees in Visual Basic as Treeview Objects.