HP Pavilion G6 Won't Boot Black Screen Blinking Cursor


Here is the laptop configuration:

HP Pavilion G6, Windows 7, 6GB RAM

I try starting the laptop and when the Windows logo appears the screen turns black with a blinking cursor and nothing happens. Wi-fi light is on, and caps lock works until the black screen. Here is what I tried:

- I tried hard reset (unplug everything hold power button)...... same
- I tried a different hard drive...... same
- I tried taking out the RAM and swapping it..... same
- I tried re-installing windows, but as soon as I get to the windows logo same thing, black screen with blinking cursor
- I tried recovery included in the second partition of the hard drive..... same

Before everything went down the drain, the laptop was running a little hotter than normal, so I wonder if this could be some hardware that got burnt....

Please help if you have any idea where to proceed.