AutoFill data from list

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Tuesday December 1, 2015
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July 10, 2018
Good evening, can i have your help please?
In the sheet "ΟΧΗΜΑΤΑ" i have a range D5:AG5 which are the titles of 30 columns.
In area D6:AG35 i have numbers, for example, in some columns has 10, in some columns has 30, in some columns has 19.
I want in the sheet "ΕΤΗΣΙΟ ΓΡΑΦΗΜΑ ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΣΕΩΝ" and in cell E5 and below,
to display all the data from the columns of the area D6:AG35 and in cell C5 and below the title of each column.
Each column may have from 0 up to 30 numbers, so, if I add or remove numbers from each column in area D6: AG35
automatically displayed or deleted in cells 5 and under of columns E and C in sheet "ΕΤΗΣΙΟ ΓΡΑΦΗΜΑ ΚΑΤΑΝΑΛΩΣΕΩΝ"
without blank lines between them.
I appreciate your precious help and thank you so much for your time