How to Copy/Insert a worksheet, rename and populate with data

Bokkie Fourie - Dec 7, 2015 at 01:05 AM

I am new to writing macros in Excel. I want to automate the following tasks in an Excel workbook, using the following:
1. "Summary Sheet" with
1.1 List if cell values ("ItemName") - in a column - to use for new sheet name(s)
1.2 data in the same row as ItemName to populate selected cells in the newly created work sheet

2. "Amort" sheet - work sheet with data and formulas for amortisation schedules
2.1 copy this sheet and create new work sheet with consecutive ItemName from list of cell values in "Summary" sheet
2.2. populate specific values in the new sheet from selected cells from the same row as ItemName in "Summary" work sheet, e.g. LoanAmount, IntRate, Period, PMTType

Thank you for your kind assistance