Use a master worksheet to update/populate all other sheets

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I'll try to make this explanation as simple as possible but please ask questions to get a better understanding.

I blew my team away with the billing spreadsheets I created, as I am(Me and My skills) are still quite new to the team. There's so much work to be done around here but before the new year I wanted to grasp this assignment.

I need a master spreadsheet that automatically update all other sheets in the workbook(update only the present & future months)with each new client information submitted. The spreadsheets are labeled Jan thru Dec and a summary sheet for all billing totals, but I need each new client submitted to the master to update the present and future sheets to avoid manually updating every month with each client and information. Maybe the sheet can lead with client names along with a ID number that will follow them through out the entire workbook including the summary. Is this workbook dream possible?

Don't stress yourself but I definitely appreciate any help/effort put forth....

Thanks in advance!!