Copy data from Multiple Excel Files

RK - Dec 16, 2015 at 08:04 PM
I have been trying to get information from indvidual files to a summary file from some time now. I have to do this mannual at the moment.

Input Files the information are entered as folloows:

B2: Title No
B3: Title Name
B4: Manager Name

The data are entered in 2 columns:
F (Planned) and G (Actual)
F10 : G10
F15 : G15
F17 : G17
F18 : G18
F21 : G21
F25 : G25

I want to copy the above from various files (without opening indvidual files) to the master file

The information presented in the master file is as follows:

A7, A8, A9: Title No
B7, B8, B9: Title Name
C7, C8, C9: Manager Name

Its basically the information is presented in in colunms in indvidual files where as the information presented in the summary is in Rows

Is there a macro code that can help me.