Macros Query - Run a formula that changes by current work week

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I am fairly new to Macros and I'm basically trying to run a formula that will change each week by work week.

The formula I want to use is below with the number in bold changing in sequence.
e.g WW01, WW02 etc.

Example 1:
=COUNTIF('Table WW03'!H:H,"Recognition")

Example 2:

Basically each week the numerical value will change to the next number. Is this possible?

Also the macros will run on the column beside this. e.g If example 1 is in C4 following week it will be in D4. Likewise for example 2 if the above is in C5 following week it will be D5.

Hopefully this makes sense. I can get the macro to run with the formula as it is but I want it to change weekly by current WW is all.

Appreciate any help at all.

Thank you.