Can't get page size right. [Closed]

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Thursday February 11, 2016
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February 11, 2016
I have been everywhere looking for an answer. I have a Neocities page, but when I signed up I didn't know you had to do EVERYTHING as html; unlike Geocities... Geesh, remember that? well I used a program called PrintShop to get me started. when I was finished, I saved everything down to a file folder and uploaded it to Neocities (including the HTML file). What I'm having problems with now is that everything, as a whole, is all off to the left. I need it to fill the page, or at the very least, to center it (filling would be better). I don't care about height, just the width...I'm sending a screen shot of the web page just as I see it; and if I can, I'll post the html code here too...

Thank you!