I want to activate my disabled facebook account. [Closed]

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Facebook disabled my account without warning me or sending me anything for underage, I’ve tried getting in touch with them but no avail, they keep sending me link to help but they don’t and it says to put in my card details which I’ve never done before…. I’m so sad for there are many relatives and friends keep me in touch by that account. I try so many ways not to behave my self bad nor to display bad images or words, even I remove those who like saying explicit words or contents but my account suddenly disappear anyway, when I tried to have a touch with my relatives and friends at that night. Please Sirs/Madams, at least give me a clue what mistakes have I done and soon give me back my beloved I account, Thank you so muc and God bless you…

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Most of the time, when accounts get disabled, is because the member did not respect the terms and conditions for use ( Facebook Community Standards). You must now appeal Facebook's decision.

See the links below and they will guide you into getting your account back:



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